money management

First step towards the financial independent

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Money Management

Money management is not rocket science & i if you are not from financial background it’s ok because money saving is art, every one can manage money but first you have a clear mind why you save money & whats your vision in your life then you automatically manage money in good way.

Budget Your Money – money management

Budgeting your expenses, investing & setting goals and many more


Expense planning is key role in money management ,before you spend first you have to be invest. you can create a list of groceries or etc visting the departmental store to avoid overspending. you can assign a no-spend day in the week or month and be sure you commit to your budget.


Ensure that save 10% of your income every month, is that simple! don’t put money in bank account or fixed deposit (FD) because bank interest rates are to low ( saving account 3 to 4 percent per annum & in FD 5 to 6 percent per annum ) then you can start SIP – Systematic Investment Plans, in mutual funds if you want 7 percent plus return then go with liquid fund and if you want more than 12 percent plus then start SIP in Equity mutual fund ( indirectly invest in stocks )

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money management
First you ask this question to yourself
  • are you a long term/short term investor ?
  • where do you want to invest ?
  • how much do you want to invest?


Emergency Fund

Risks can be lead to loss of job or slow down business income that time you worry about money then first you create emergency fund for atleast 1 year Cash, spending for house emi or Car emi,etc. ex :- COVID -19 lockdown in all over world lockdowns, be safe.

Dream Fund

Dream fund is very important in every one life because if you want to buy Big house or Car, etc that time you have to be in CASH not dream. first you create dream fund and save money monthly – important thing is believe in making dreams happen, you choose your dreams wisely and achieve them.

Thanks for reading this blog – this blog is not in detail but i shared some basic good money mangement facts………