Nazara IPO Allotment Status

How to check Nazara IPO Allotment Status?

Nazara Technologies IPO Allotment status link intime

  • Visit the registrar website Click 👉 Linkintime
  • Click on ‘Select company’
  • Company is selected, you will have to enter your PAN detail & the application number, or client ID.
  • Enter the captcha and click ‘submit.
ipo allotment status link intime
Nazara Technologies IPO Allotment Status

About Nazara

Nazara Technologies Limited was incorporated in1999.

leading India-based diversified gaming and sports media platform.

Presence in India plus emerging and developed global markets – Africa and North America.

nazara tech offerings across the interactive gaming, eSports and gamified early learning ecosystems including

World Cricket Championship (WCC) and CarromClash in mobile games

Kiddopia in gamified early learning, Nodwin and Sportskeeda in eSports and eSports media, and Halaplay and Qunami in skill-based, fantasy and trivia games.


1.What is an IPO ?

  • IPO means : initial public offering, company sell shares to the public.

2.What is an OFS in IPO ?

  • OFS means : offer for sale, promotor or exiting investors sell shares to the public.

3.Pan card is mandatory for apply in IPO ?

  • Yes, pan card is mandatory for appling an IPO, investor must ensure that they cross-check the pan details in IPO application.

4.How many days will an IPO remain open for the public ?

  • the IPO window remains open for three to seven days. this can be extended by three days if the price band is revised.

5.How many IPO application can be made from one bank account using ASBA service ?

According to SEBI : an investor can make a maximum of 5 appications from one bank account per IPO using ASBA service.

6.Retail Individual investor ( RII ) means ?

  • RII : This is most common category of investors, bidding in IPO.
  • Resident indian individuals, non-resident indians ( NRI’s ) & Hindu undivided families ( HUF’s ).
  • The maximum amount of the bidding is Rs 2,00,000
  • A minimum of 35% ( percent ) of the IPO is reserved for the RII category.
  • In this category retail investor can bid at the cut-off price.

7.Non-institutional investor ( NII ) means ?

In this category,

  • Resident Indian individuals, non-resident Indians (NRIs), Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs), corporate bodies, companies, trusts, science institutions, and societies.
  • Bid Rs 2,00,00
  • A minimum 15% portion reserved.
  • Can not bid at the cut-off price.

8.Qualified institutional bidder ( QIB ) means ?

  • Mutual funds, public financial institutions, foreign portfolio investors and commercial bank,etc.
  • 50% of the IPO offer size is reserved.
  • can not bid at the cut-off price.
  • bids cannot be withdrawn after the close of the IPO.

9.Anchor investor

In this category,
Investors making,

  • Rs 10 Crore Bid.
  • Up to 60% portion reserved in IPO.
  • can-not bid at the cut-off price.

10.Is IPO first come first serve ? Upcoming IPO

  • No, IPO allotment doesn’t happen on the basis of who applied first.

11.How do i know if IPO alloted ? Upcoming IPO

  • You need to visit company registar or if you get allotment or automatically you recieved sms & mail from broker.

12.Can i cancel my bid for online IPO order ?

  • Yes – cancel your bid for the online ipo application.

13.Can i change/revise my bid for online IPO application ?

  • Yes, you can change or revise the quantity or price in the bid for an online order,

14.IPO apply timeing ?

  • In retail category applying through UPI : 10 AM to 5 PM
  • In ASBA category : From IPO open date 10 AM to end date 2 PM.

15.Nazara Technologies IPO Allotment Status Registar ?

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