Mr.Nitin Gadkari is to launch a 100% Ethanol-fueled car on Aug 28

Mr.Nitin Gadkari is to launch a 100% Ethanol-fueled car

Mr.Nitin Gadkari is to launch a 100% Ethanol-fueled car

On Wednesday, Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said that he would introduce an Innova car powered entirely by ethanol on August 28th.

The Toyota Mirai EV, a hydrogen-powered vehicle, was introduced last year by the Union minister who has urged automakers to produce green and alternative fuel-powered automobiles.

28th August 2023

At the Mint Sustainability Summit, Mr.Gadkari said that he will launch the well-known (Toyota) Innova automobile on 100% ethanol on August 28th.

This vehicle will be the first electric flex-fuel BS-VI (Stage-II) vehicle in the world.


Mr.Nitin Gadkari

According to Mr.Gadkari, he first became interested in biofuels in 2004 as a result of the country’s increase in oil prices, and he traveled to Brazil for this reason.

In his opinion, biofuels may work miracles and help save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on the importation of petroleum.

“We must eliminate all of our oil imports if we are to achieve Atamnirbhar (self-sufficiency).

It is currently worth Rs. 16 lakh crore. This is a significant economic loss, Gadkari added.

Environmentally Friendly Policies

He emphasized the need for India to adopt more environmentally friendly policies because pollution is a major issue there.

We have implemented several environmental efforts, but there is still room for improvement due to the pollution issue.

The environment and ecology are crucial.

Pollution in the air and water must be decreased.

Our rivers’ water quality has to be upgraded. It’s a significant difficulty.

Our ecosystem and environment need to be protected, he remarked.


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